Saturday 26th February 2011

by Ashlie

Warping Board.

I haven’t been able to start any new weaving projects due to the lack of one very important component: warping board.* So, with a visit to my local Home Depot and a little elbow grease, I took it upon myself to build my very own.

36 inch square frame

marking placement of pegs. eight on two opposite sides and four along the top. all evenly spaced.

measure dowel to cut six inch pegs.

saw those dowels. try not to cut fingers.

*a rectangular board containing evenly spaced pegs at each end on which the warp** is wound in preparation for weaving.

**the set of yarns placed lengthwise in the loom, crossed by and interlaced with the weft, and forming the lengthwise threads in a woven fabric.

Now the weaving process may commence once again.

xoxo, Ashlie

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